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Santa's Kindness Ornament

If you would like one of these amazing ornaments, you can reserve yours by calling us at (812) 482-2422 and putting your name on the list.  No payment is required now, and the ornaments will arrive in late summer.

Trust us.  You will want these ornaments (and extra journals too) for your children and grandchildren!  The new technology will appeal to kids, and the bonus is they will learn many different acts of kindness. See below for details:

Santa needs your help spreading kindness and cheer! Children will receive video messages from the REAL Santa!

This ornament is a child’s direct link to receive daily video messages from Santa! After scanning the ornament with a phone or tablet, Santa appears on screen and asks children for help sharing acts of kindness, goodness, care, and giving. Scan the ornament several times a day for a few surprises from the North Pole. Each day, children will receive several video messages from Santa including some surprises from the North Pole!

Step 1: Place the Ornament on the Christmas Tree

Step 2: Scan the Santa Link QR Code with a camera phone or digital tablet, several times a day

Step 3: Santa Magically Appears on screen, starting on December 1st,  and asks children for help sharing acts of kindness 

Step 4: An 80-Page Kindness Journal is included to use when Santa asks kids to draw, write, and play games

You can also watch this video for more details!

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