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Wedding Registry

Our specialty! 

Family and Friends: Stop in or call toll free (888) 427-7896, and we will help you choose the perfect gift for the shower and wedding.  We know what the couple wants most!  Our photos show some of the couple’s registry items but not all.  See our "Registered Couples" page to see the photos. We can help you choose in your price range, text additional photos if desired, charge your credit card, and then wrap and deliver to the couple before the wedding.  Let us know how we can help.  Your gift will be long remembered by the couple!

Couples:  We can register you quickly or take as long as you want.  No obligation!  We are happy to work with you to get the best list for you.  You receive a free gift and a one time, 20% off your registry list, after the wedding and after any exchanges.  It’s fun! 

Attendant Gifts:  When you register with us, we give you a discount on your attendant gifts. Guys love Yeti and Tervis.  Girls love Corkcicle, Spartina earrings and necklaces.  Many couples personalize their gift for each person.  We can arrange the items for you in a Scout tote or cooler, using your wedding colors with bows and ribbons….so memorable!




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